About Me

“I knew I had to do this for me first”

After going through trauma in my teens, I kept myself hidden by carrying on with life pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I was very good at pretending I had it all together on the outside.

You would catch me always smiling, laughing… moving through with life as normal. Completing my formal education, buying a house, stable job, getting married and raising children.

Life was great on the outside, staying safe in my bubble, avoiding being seen and heard, not bringing attention to myself for the fear of being rejected, ridiculed, hurt and unloved. I stayed very busy in the outside world, to quiet all the noise that was going on inside my head.

I felt like a failure

I overcompensated by trying to do more. I took on ALL of the responsibility at home and strived for even higher goals at work and business. My way of being eventually lead to becoming sick and ill with exhaustion.

Fast forward many years, I have improved my physical health and learnt to be at peace with my past.

HOWEVER with all the modalities, courses and personal development tools I have tried, it all worked short term. It’s like I had within me this unexplainable ‘self-sabotage button’ so that EVERY time my life started going well, I sub-consciously pressed this button and stalled my life again.

Does that sound familiar?

So no matter how much ambition I had, I couldn’t shake the deep ingrained beliefs and emotions I had. Shame, guilt, resentment, anger, not feeling worthy or good enough that kept coming up when triggered with an event or circumstance no matter what I did. I hated myself and believed my family were better off without me. The mess inside me rippled and created a storm around my husband and two girls.

I was searching for the missing piece to break the pattern I was in, as well as help my life coaching clients who I have witnessed go through the same patterns. They also were finding it hard to break free. In order to help women in my own practice, I had to firstly release all the sabotaging beliefs and strategies that kept me staying small – coping, managing, pushing things down, lashing out were not going to cut it for me anymore.

After trying so many things I discovered Creatrix® – the missing piece. It was only when I had Creatrix® in my life that I truly let go of all the noise in my head.

I felt free, I started feeling like the woman I always wanted to be! I now believe in myself. I NOW know who I truely am and have a passion to live!

I NOW can confidently without question help women feel more confident, more self love and be the women they want to be.

The amazing thing about Creatrix® is that it removes all the negative emotion and charge associated with a memory. Although the memories are still there, I don’t feel the intense emotional charge and mental blocks anymore. I no longer relate to the ‘old me’. I see my family in a whole different light, It’s like I have put on a different pair of lenses and I see the world differently. It really is truly transformational!

As a Creatrix® Transformologist®, I’m on a mission to empower and change women’s lives. The deal is, I only take clients on knowing with 100% confidence I can guarantee 100% results.

So have you had enough of the beliefs and fears holding you back from the freedom to be YOU?

I encourage you to reach out and have a chat with me. You don’t need to keep feeling this way. YOU CAN BE FREE TO BE YOU. Quickly and effortlessly you can feel empowered to create change in your business and personal life.

You don’t need to waste another year wishing things could be different.

Imagine where you will be and what you will be doing in a year’s time if you break free from your shit that is holding you back in life.

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