About Me

Hi I am Jenny!

I am many things… A wife, mother of two girls, an obsessed learner, a constant work in progress, nature loving, an introvert, a dreamer, a survivor, a thriver ( is that a word?), a recovering emotional eater and shopaholic, a book nerd and a lover of everything coffee!

My mission is for women to HEAL.

To heal their personal and intergenerational trauma.

To free themselves from their insecurities, their limiting beliefs that hold them back.

To connect to her inner wisdom.


My passion is supporting women to find the root cause of their emotional distress and heal painful emotions and traumas rather than just treating the symptoms.

While I acknowledge there is a place to talk, just talking doesn’t create long time change. Creating long term change, requires us to go deep into the body and unconscious mind where our trauma and conditioning lie.

I have always enjoyed helping others. My own journey of overcoming trauma and the struggles I’ve had using my voice and feeling unheard is what led me to do the work I do now.  I don’t want women to suffer any longer and continue on the same path with shame, guilt, resentment and life of regrets like I have. I see the power in healing, the power in providing safety, trust and compassion to enable deeper work to take place.

It is always a privilege to hold space, for women in particular, and to help them find clarity, healing and ultimately their authentic selves. I am grateful for the wisdom and tools I have learned through my own experiences and which I now use to support others. 

I’ve experienced a lot of my own traumas, have stood where you are now and I DO understand what it feels like to feel alone, lost, confused, misunderstood, purposeless and living in your own head. I also know how possible it is for anyone to find change and move forward into a better life. Our past traumas affect our future which is why it is so empowering to let them go!

I encourage you to reach out and have a chat with me. You don’t need to keep feeling this way. Let’s get to the core of what is holding you back so you can start a new chapter feeling inner peace, freedom and looking forward to new possibilities!

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