You’ve probably heard of vision boards, but you’ve probably never made or used one to its full potential. A vision board is essentially a large poster that you create to help you achieve your dreams, your buck list, your goals. It contains pictures that represent what you want to be, do and have in your life.

If you dream of travelling to Japan, you might include photos of cherry blossoms, bamboo forests, Mount Fuji and temples. You might include photos of hiking or eating Japanese cuisine.

If you dream of building your dream house, you might include photos of ideal house plan and design, backyard, furniture, ornaments, colours and how you want your home to feel like.

It might sound like silly and nonsense, but a vision board can be useful!

Consider what a vision board does for you:

  • It forces you to decide on your goals. Makes you question what it is you really want.
  • It requires you to review your goals daily and assist in getting back to your why.
  • Motivates you to do the work that is required to make the things you put on it a reality.
  • A vision board should fire you up emotionally.
  • It opens up opportunities in achieving your goals.

The visioning board process is based on the Law of Attraction which is simply put, you will attract into your life what you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to it will come back to you. However, it does not magically make the objects of your desire appear in your life without any work on your part. You’ll still have to work, but a vision board can be invaluable in consciously and intentionally create a better life.

Strategies to create and use an effective vision board

1. Decide what you want to BE, DO and HAVE.

This is one of the primary reasons that vision boards can be so effective. They require you to think about what you want and to make a few choices.

  • You might need to spend a day or two working on this. Think about what you want for your life. Go through the areas of your life you would like to create change – family, relationships, home environment, finances, health and well being, adventures, career/biz, personal growth, spirituality. Think carefully and choose the things and experiences that are most important to you right now.
  • Be bold. Be creative. If your vision board doesn’t inspire you, it won’t be effective.

2. Find visual images and words that represent what you want to BE, DO, and HAVE.

You can look online or in magazines. What’s important is that you have the same feeling when you look at the photo as you do when you think about that thing. The sensations should match.

3. Add a defying image.

Ideally a photo of yourself in the middle of your board. This shows YOU are the centre of your board, really immersing yourself in your vision.

4. Arrange your vision board in a way that feels right for you.

You can be orderly or use more of a collage style. Each area can have its own board, or everything can be combined on a single board. There are no rules. Follow your instincts and allow your creativity to flow.

5. Hang your vision board where you’ll see it frequently.

A vision board sitting in the wardrobe isn’t of much use. Consider your daily activities and put your vision board where you’ll see it most frequently.

6. Take a photo of your vision board.

Use your phone and take a photo. That way, you’ll have it wherever you go. You can always pull out your phone and view your board. I also keep a photo of my vision board in my planner.

7. Start and end your day with your vision board.

At the very least, take a long look at your vision board when you first wake up and when you go to bed.

8. Use a process to view your vision board.

Think about each goal you have and look at the photos that represent those goals. Allow yourself to feel excited about achieving that goal. Feel yourself on top of the mountain, fitting into that wedding dress, driving that Porsche, or getting the key to your dream home, completing a course, opening up your salon, publishing your book, going on a retreat.

Go through each item on your vision board and experience success in your mind.

9. Be persistent.

Vision boards don’t work overnight, but they do work. They remind you of your goals and keep them at the forefront of your mind. They allow you to experience positive feelings with regards to achieving your goals. Keep at it.

10. Take action.

Avoid the belief that money is going to appear in your bank account one morning or your dream car will suddenly appear in your garage. You still have the responsibility to take action. Using your vision board will allow you to notice more opportunities. Take advantage of them.

Start your first vision board today and use it daily.

Making a vision board can be fun and so rewarding. If you have any children in your life, they’d love to help! Have a family vision board day; A vision board can be more powerful than you think.

There’s nothing to lose.

To health and happiness

Jenny xx

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