Does this sound familiar? You wake up in the morning; have your coffee; read your list of things to do today; then go back to bed or you just avoid doing the tasks. Is this procrastination, or a more serious problem? If it occurs more than once; it is. However, people procrastinate for a variety of reasons such as; fear of failing or succeeding; poor organisational skills; and sometimes, a lack of self-esteem. Let’s explore these particular areas and offer a few easy tips in overcoming procrastination.


Fear of Failing or Succeeding

If you fall into this category, there are certain tasks you can perform to understand your resistance.

Ask yourself what are you most afraid of; the task, the requirements needed to fulfill the task; the outcome, or possible failure? Perhaps it may go even deeper. Maybe you are afraid you will succeed. Most often, there is a tendency to sabotage a certain project because in succeeding, you are meeting the high expectation others’ have about you and your work. Thus, more pressure is being placed upon you; and therefore, no excuses can suffice in exceeding those expectations.

Fear of rejection can be another reason why you cling to procrastination. This may originate from low-self esteem; or a lingering uncertainty within your own mind. It can also be generated from a past rejection which has resurfaced by the task itself. Do not place so much importance on what others think; affirming confidence in your own abilities is the key to overcoming rejection. You may feel a slight twinge, but will be able to brush it off if you just remember who you are.

Organisational Skills: Create a Small List

Instead of pressuring yourself by including twenty or more things to do on your list, create small lists of five things to do. Managing your life in this way will make it easier for you to complete the tasks; leaving you with a feeling of accomplishment. Do not allow anyone or anything to overpower you; your life; or your achievements.

Lack of Self Esteem and Motivation

Lack of self-esteem prevents you from completing the easiest task. Why? Either because you do not feel you are worthy of the challenge, or because you feel you are not good enough to complete it. Start with an easy task first; then gradually work your way up to full completion. Your confidence will build; you will feel more positive about what you can accomplish, and you will be less likely to avoid the next task at hand.

Lift the Weight off Your Shoulders

Here is an analogy which may help you. Food shopping requires a list, correct? Each time a product is placed in the shopping cart, you cross it off the list. Well, following the same procedure with other tasks in your life will lift the weight off your shoulders, and the burden will disappear. The secret is not to overload your mind with tasks neither you nor anyone else can handle. Take it one step at a time. Remember, no one is testing you; there is no time-clock.

There is no pressure.


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