Have you ever had a negative thought? Have you ever uttered it out loud without thinking? Most of us have. More importantly, more often than we’d like to admit. Negative thinking can be damaging not only to our self-esteem, but can begin a cycle of thought and behaviour which negatively impacts our own perception of events in our lives.

For example: Perhaps you’ve been assigned a special project at work. You’re confident in taking it on, but you notice one tiny error after you have submitted it. You begin to put yourself down even though the error was not significant. While your boss is telling you what a great job you’ve done, you begin to make excuses for it and cant stop feeling sick about it. 

What steps can you take to avoid this pattern? Take a step back and look at the project objectively. Not only did you complete it in an efficient manner, but it will become the template for future projects. Focus on what you have achieved.

The holidays are approaching and you need to begin spring cleaning the house. You look around and decide it’s just too much; you can’t do it; why bother. Stop! Take a deep breath and consider dividing up the tasks. Gather your family to help by assigning each one a specific job. Once you begin the process of prioritising, you will feel better and it will be accomplished.

You’ve started a new health regime. You are craving sweets.  You quickly decide your health diet is over, and it wasn’t worth the effort. You walk over to the mirror and utter to yourself, “I’m fat, and there’s nothing I can do about it.”


Setting yourself up for failure by thinking negatively about the way you look does not solve the immediate problem. Instead, allow yourself to have the treat and allow positive thoughts to guide you through it.

We have power of our thoughts, it is up to us to challenge our thoughts and focus on building an empowering inner voice. 

It is easier said than done, especially if we have had these thoughts ingrained in us over our lifetime. If you are struggling in overcoming thoughts that hold you back, its time to seek support. It is possible to break free from the thought patterns that weigh you down from moving forward.

We go deep into uncovering the unconscious beliefs, the sneaky ones that hide in the background. We find the root cause, where it all began, so we can prevent you from spiraling down the same path again.

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