What is Creatrix®?

Creatrix® is an adventurous virtual reality process thats done with your eyes closed, that causes you to unlearn your issues at the very root until they drop away, no longer needed, replaced with higher emotional intelligence and inner wisdom.

Creatrix® is formulated UNIQUELY for women.

It suits the female Unconscious mind. It ‘fits’ because it’s designed FOR the unique way our female mind functions. (Yes, it’s VERY different!). We know women are different from men and more prone to emotional sensitivity and suppressive issues, so our process respectfully considers this.

Works super-fast

We’ve seen chronic anxiety reduced from 10/10 to 0/10 in under 1 hour using our method.

Permanent change

It creates an immediate release with LONG-LASTING results.


This process affects the WHOLE of you & improves every area of your life. Creatrix® is specially designed for the female mind to help you realise the learnings you might otherwise wait your whole life to receive. It’s like getting the positive after-effects of a horrible wake up call, without the horrible event that brings it on.

​​Based on science

Based on the new science of Epigenetics. Addresses the entire genetic history and breaks the Genetic cycle. Our process works because they have been researched and proven. It’s the future of personal development!


No medication or remedies recommended.

Clears the old, instills the new

Clears the old and simultaneously installs a new supportive belief system so you can immediate create better choices and make better decisions.

​​Painless and FUN!

It’s a safe, closed-eye process based on storytelling where you get your inner wisdom learnings to release the past negative emotions from our body, ENTIRELY, this BREAKS THE CYCLE FOR GOOD!

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How does Creatrix® Work?

Creatrix® works with your unconscious thoughts – it’s those thoughts you aren’t even aware of that are making you feel ‘stuck’ and getting in the way of you achieving what you want in life.

During the session you’ll:

Re-Lease your emotional and limiting beliefs

Giving you a Creatrix® breakthrough, you get the life learnings/lessons that heal the negatives you have been conditioned to believe so that you CANNOT even feel or believe those old sabotaging beliefs anymore. YOU ARE FREE OF THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Re-Learn the lessons, tools and strategies to help you move forward.

Get Your Own Soul’s Life Lessons & Tools to move forward You can then design your life finally moving forward.
Re-Code or delete any negative patterns with new strategies for dealing with old triggers. Get rid of the conditioning you have inherited from past generations.

Re-Frame your entire perspective

Once that has been achieved we can entirely ReFRAME your world, through clear eyes, We love how someone struggling with not feeling good enough or fear of rejection starts to do things they would of never done before. Fear of Success will be gone so you can move forward and do what you love or move up that ladder quicker. Nothing will hold you back.

Re-Create the life you want

An unstoppable confidence in yourself. Loving yourself and everyone around you.

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After Creatrix® You will:

Feel more calm, in control and ALIVE.

Tame the inner critic. HAVE peace and quiet in your MIND

Recover quickly when things go wrong

Awaken your superpowers

Go through a epic journey of self discovery

Change how you see the world, yourself and what you are capable of.

Be less overwhelmed and more capable to get “all the things” done

See “Fun Mum” return and your relationships positively change.

Have the drive to be successful at work or business. Nothing will hold you back!

Increase your emotional intelligence and intuition so you can make better decision and attract right people and opportunities into your life.

Embrace life with fun, passion, drive and meaning.

Be FREE to be YOU!

Book in a Unique Consultation to see what it is going on for you and whats holding you back. You will be aware of those things self sabotaging you at the deeper level. So you can make better choices. There is no obligation after our consultation to continue to work with me.

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