Well, no matter what I do to try to slow time… it’s happening. I have ticked over to 41! 😬
So while my skin is sagging, I jiggle more with every step and sometimes I feel the aches and pains of a 90 year old.. I believe 41 is still young and there is plenty of life in me! 🙌🏻😀
I’ve been thinking of the lessons that took me 40 years to learn…often the hard way ( sometimes I still need reminders at times ) and thought I’ll share 41 things with you… in no particular order ⬇️
1. Vulnerability is allowed. You don’t have to have a smile ALL the time. It’s ok to not be ok. Feel the feels.
2. Humility is the most attractive quality in a person.
3. Drink coffee before talking in the morning. Note to self each day.
4. Everything in moderation. No need for extreme measures all the time. Let loose. Enjoy eating that burger, the donut, that chocolate without beating yourself up over it. Just make some healthy choices every day.
5. You don’t have to listen to new music if you think it’s horrible. Old Skool all the way 🙌🏻
6. Let go of grudges. They weigh you down. You don’t have to talk to that person anymore, but stop festering and going on about it.
7. Don’t wear clothes that are uncomfortable. Like G -strings. If your butt swallows them up like mine…don’t wear them, why put up with permanent wedgies. Same goes for high heels. And wear a jacket if you are cold. You can still look good and feel comfortable too.
8. Try to stay active and healthy. I am always working on it. I feel like each decade comes with something new I need to work on.
9. Don’t let ANYONE discourage you from your dreams. Ever!
10. Laughter really is the best medicine. Make people laugh and see the funny side to things.
11. You must know what you need, and give it to yourself when it’s needed. That means eat when you’re hungry and sleep when you’re tired, regardless of what any clock tells you the time is. When you listen to your body, good things happen to it.
12. Sometimes you have to take the leap of faith and build your wings on the way down.
13. Like Oprah says ‘ this is what I do with every failure, every crisis, every difficult time — I say, what is this here to teach me? And as soon as you get the lesson, you get to move on. If you really get the lesson, you pass and you don’t have to repeat the class. If you don’t get the lesson, it shows up wearing another pair of pants — or skirt — to give you some remedial work’. Truth 🥂
14. If my hubby and I go too long without connection and sex, crappy things happen to our marriage. Moral of the story.. 😉
15. Do what scares the shit out of you. The worst thing that’s gonna happen is things won’t go to plan. But that’s worse than living with the regret of never trying.
16. Hang out with those who lift you up and lift others up with you. You all climb higher together.
17. Learn to say no to things that you just don’t want to do. You are not a bad person if you say No.
18. Always check there is toilet paper BEFORE you sit down.
19. Anyone ends a sentence with ‘ for your age’.. I think it’s totally reasonable to punch them in the face. Kidding. Just Smile and you can picture yourself punching them in the face 😂
20. Have fun and be silly. The funnier and sillier the better!
21. It’s always important to face the music, no matter how dark it may sound. Heal your shit. Otherwise, there is a time ticking bomb inside you that will eventually explode.
22. Music is often the perfect solution to a bad mood. Whether it’s belting out tunes or dancing like no one is watching. It’s my kind of meditation.
23. Change while scary, is necessary to grow. Adapt to change, and go with the flow not against it. Opportunities arise when we step out of being comfortable.
24. Do what you love and love what you do. Don’t waste life in a soul sucking job. Have a hobby, so things that light you up!
25. I’ve learned we all have to be accountable for our own actions. It’s easy to blame others and not take personal responsibility but at the end of the day, it’s the only way to live free.
26. Being a parent is the scariest most hardest thing I’ve ever have to do in my entire life. I stuff it up, I make mistakes. But they know I love them and I will always be there for them no matter what. There’s a lot of pressure to raise our kids to be successful and good citizens. No more mother guilt. As long as they are not hurting anyone, loving what they do and are kind and compassionate, our work is done.
27. Kids are are greatest teachers. Sometimes I learn a thing or two from my kids.
28. Never apologise for who you are only what you do wrong.
29. Don’t let stereotypes define you. You don’t need labels. It restricts your voice. Be weird, be wonderful. Embrace your quirks. it’s boring copying others. Just do YOU!
30. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You will forget it in a years time anyway.
31. Everyone is walking around with some type of trauma, challenge or pain. Be kind and reasonable. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. The world needs more people that can listen and empathise with others. You never know what’s really going on underneath the surface. If we all do, I’m sure life would be better for everyone.
32. Apologise to your kids. They need to know you are only human and make mistakes too.
33. Say I love you daily, give plenty of hugs and remind yourself daily how much your loved one means to you.
34. You are your own guru and follow your gut. Question everything, especially when things don’t feel right. You gut is right Every.Single.Time. #workinprogress
35. Don’t worry about what people think of you. Not everyone will like you and that’s ok. I’ve noticed the more people judge, the more they have going on inside them that need working on. And if they judge, they are not your people anyway. Send them love, they need it the most.
36. Be willing to say “ I don’t know.” You really don’t know everything. Be open minded and willing to learn. It’s never too old to learn something new everyday.
37. Don’t expect others to give you happiness. It’s all up to you. Learn to enjoy your own company because you are the one person you need to count on living with for the rest of your life. Only you can complete you. So take the time to get to know yourself.
38. If I treat my mind and body like crap, there are huge consequences. I no longer believe I am invincible and immortal. Time is ticking so spend time looking after your mind, body and soul and cherish every moment you have.
39. Celebrate your wins, big or small. Pause and enjoy your achievements. Give yourself the recognition you deserve.
40. Transformation and growth is often more about unlearning than learning. Letting go of stories, old ideas, and doing things that no longer serve you the way they used to.
41. Your beliefs dictate your life. You get to chose them. Know your WORTH.
I’ll add one more because those who know me will find this hilarious… 🤦‍♀️
42. Don’t ever mix drinks. It never ends well. Remember that time you….🙄 and It takes longer to recover now. You know better 🤭
I highly recommend making a list of things for yourself and remind yourself how far you have come.
Which of these lessons can you relate to the most?

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Jenny xx

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