When I first heard about life coaching, I was pretty sceptical and naïve. I thought it was ‘unlicensed counselling’ and felt uncomfortable with the notion that people were calling themselves coaches without having qualifications or training to ‘ counsel’. I felt coaching dumbed down the psychology profession, which I admire and respect.

However, the more I uncovered what coaching is and having the experience of being coached myself, the more and more I love and respect this profession and the reason why I choose to be a coach myself!

Using my personal experiences, I want to share the difference between coaching and counselling to help you understand where they can both fit in your life.

Counselling introduced me to the idea of seeking help and getting support. As someone who doesn’t like to open up, I struggled with it to start off with. I saw the immediate benefit of being able to talk openly to someone who wasn’t part of my life and wouldn’t judge me for how I was feeling. It helped me work through my emotions, understand why I had formed my beliefs and habits and has really allowed me to see things clearly. It helped me finally face up to what happened and accept my past.

However, I didn’t know how to move beyond my past. I felt coaching was the next step for me. It helped me move forward.

Coaching provided me with a purpose, a sense of direction. I felt empowered and guided to help me make decisions based on what I wanted for my life. I was able to trust in myself, to love me for me and to step out of my comfort zone. I cannot speak highly enough about them both.

My experiences ignited a fire in me to become a coach myself. I want to help women struggling with their health to move past their stories and achieve their dreams! I have studied Health and Wellness Coaching through Health Coach Institute and Life Training through Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Beautiful you Coaching Academy defines coaching as ‘enabling powerful and personally affirming life change through enhancement of self. A coach focuses on self, empowers you to grow and learn, is solution focused, challenges you, empowers you, encourages you, keeps you accountable. It is process driven that allows space for positive change to happen’.

A life coach can help:

  • Identify goals and a clear vision
  • Identity limiting beliefs
  • Work towards financial wellness
  • Create life/work harmony
  • Uncover your passion and purpose
  • Move strongly through significant life transitions
  • Assist in career change
  • Improve self worth and confidence
  • Gain clarity and meaning of life direction
  • Achieve weight loss and health goals
  • Start a new business
  • Develop meaningful relationships

Working with me as your coach can help you open up to possibilities, new ideas to start believing in yourself again. We get to work on transforming your health holistically so that you can start living the life you have always wanted.

Please note everything I have shared with you today is based on my experience. If you feel you would benefit from counselling I urge you to please contact your GP.

To your health and happiness,

Jenny xx

My mission is to help as many women as I can break from the past so they can uncover who they are and rebuild a life they love.

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