At some point in your life, you  have decided you are unworthy.

Unworthy of love

Unworthy of success

Unworthy of money

Unworthy of great health

Unworthy of happiness

Unworthy to be seen and heard

Unworthy to BE yourself

Unworthy of following your dreams

We base our decisions on the beliefs we have about ourselves and no matter what we try to achieve in life, we feel we are never really good enough. There will always be a struggle, it will always feel hard. And most people then give up, because they can’t seem to move past the struggles they are facing within themselves.

How Does Unworthiness Show Up? 

1. You stay small. You don’t take risks, even if you think you are capable. You believe everything can go wrong so you protect yourself the best you can.  You plan everything out as much as possible and don’t leave anything to chance. You downplay your strengths, you tell yourself you don’t deserve to be happy. You don’t speak up at work or in your relationships. YOU LIVE LIFE to get by. On survival mode, too afraid to be yourself and take chances

2. You feel you need to prove yourself to everyone. You overcompensate your insecurities. You work harder and DO more. You spend your time trying to show everyone how worthy you are while battling your inner self which tells you the opposite. You don’t ask for help from anyone because this might prove you are unworthy and incapable. You believe asking for help is a sign of weakness and you will get judged. You feel you have to prove yourself by doing it your own way. You also want to help everyone, please everyone so that you feel accepted and liked.

3. You almost succeed and you almost fail. You take all your ideas, thoughts and actions and almost complete them. You have big ideas, big dreams, and you desire to believe in them but deep down your inner critic believes you will fail. You believe success is not available to you. But at the same time, you can’t fail either. When it becomes clear that failure is imminent, you then give up and potentially blame others or circumstances for not achieving your dreams.

These approaches can simultaneously exist within you. You can spend your entire life bouncing between the need to avoid risks, proving yourself, almost succeeding or failing and even telling yourself “ What’s the point?” “ Why even bother?”

 It is when we heal the emotional wounds from the past, the root cause and replace the negative beliefs with empowered beliefs, we are able to live an emotionally healthy life where decisions and actions are based on clarity and flow, returning you to feeling worthy. 

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Jenny xx

My mission is to help as many women as I can break from the past so they can uncover who they are and rebuild a life they love.

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