Many beliefs are born in the effort to escape our trauma. Our mind attempts to reconcile, and in that process, a false reality is created.

In the moment of your trauma, you have internalised.

  • What it meant about you
  • What it meant about others
  • What it meant about the world

And for each person, these decisions are directly tied to how worthy and deserving you feel. You have decided right then and there that you can’t trust ourselves, others or the world.

Everyone internalises a trauma differently. Someone can internalise the experience as ‘‘ I must be quiet. I am not important, I need to go away and hide. If I am seen, I will get hurt again. I can’t trust anyone’. While someone else can make it mean “ I need to stand out and prove to others I am capable, strong and can do this on my own. No one is going to protect or support me, I will need to fend for myself”.

Our internalisation is based on how we live our life.

There are thousands of books out there about beliefs. Many self-development gurus talk about controlling your thoughts, changing your thoughts, using your thoughts to manifest your dream life. There is a huge benefit of working with our thoughts.

However, we live in a world where almost everyone lives in their heads. Their thoughts control their every move. We are not supposed to live like that. We are only meant to use our thoughts as tools not to let it take over our life.

So the problem with these teachings is the focus on conscious thoughts instead of unconscious beliefs. It’s the unconscious beliefs that are correct and they have evidence to support them. So no matter how many times you tell yourself consciously that you are good enough or worthy, if internally your unconscious mind says otherwise, then no amount of you saying a positive affirmation will change what you believe in your programming. That is because our unconscious mind’s job is to run our mind and body and one of it’s jobs is to prove us right. 

For example, if your programming is that we cannot do something, then the job of the unconscious mind is to run that program. So it will always show us all the things we cannot do or struggle to do so.

Releasing the negative internalisations that have been created, will allow our conscious mind to freely have thoughts that are for our highest good. 

There doesn’t have to be a constant conflict between the two. 

What have you internalised that is showing up in the way you negatively see yourself, others and the world? 

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