The Latin derivative for the word emotion, ‘emotere’, literally means energy in motion. Understanding that emotions are energy implies that they are fluid, moving resources that are meant to be felt and released, not suppressed and ignored. 


Many people were taught it isn’t safe or we won’t be loved if we express our emotions. It is important for us to learn to move through our emotions and not just avoid them like they don’t exist because of the underlying negative effects it has and the huge toll it can take.


Every emotion has a purpose. They are not good or bad, they are simply feedback of your mindset. A messenger for you to take notice. Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable, be open and vulnerable to how you are feeling.

I know it is hard… we have learnt to not trust how we feel because when we have expressed them, we have been shut down, judged, taught that expressing our anger, our hurt is wrong.

Just remember your emotions are not you. They are simply energy. And like all things made up of energy, they have a life cycle. They arise, they last for a while then they dissipate. All our suffering comes from trying to stop this energy. If we suppress this energy, it stays stuck in our body, and can cause all sorts of health issues.

We need to feel them in order to heal them. VALIDATE AND LOVE our emotions. If you are feeling extreme emotions, It is really important to know that you are no longer that child, that person that needs your emotions validated. You are the person that keeps yourself safe and secure.

When you start shifting your emotions, it’s amazing how much it shifts you! They should feel like waves- coming and going. Feel them. Acknowledge them, find the message within the emotion and release them.

Healing repressed and trapped emotions can be done in many ways, there are a multitude of healing therapies out there- it’s about finding what works for you.


My work focuses on healing the emotional body which include healing past traumas associated with trapped and repressed emotions. Once you release those emotions, the wisdom and learnings are there for you to embody. 

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Jenny xx

My mission is to help as many women as I can break from the past so they can uncover who they are and rebuild a life they love.

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