Limiting beliefs are thoughts living in our subconscious mind that you believe to be true, to the point that it  holds you back without you realising. It can be about yourself, about how people treat you or others, or with your perception of the world. They pretty much keep you stuck in your current mindset, as these beliefs can stop you making choices you consider “pointless” or “too risky” because of the belief you hold about the situation.


Limiting beliefs can come from generational, womb, birth, childhood or adulthood. They are usually born from a trauma that has occurred where strong emotions have not been released and become trapped in our body. They usually happen around the same time that we learn about what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour, except we incorrectly ‘connect the dots’ and create thought processes that are unnecessary and unhelpful. 


For example, you lose your mum in the supermarket when you are 3 years old. The fear of losing your mum arises in your body, you start to feel emotions of abandonment. When you see your Mum, your Mum is upset at you for not following her. Your emotions are not fully felt, you were not supported in that moment and therefore the emotions get trapped. As a 3 year old, you do not understand that your Mum may just be around the corner. These emotions manifest into beliefs such as  “I am alone” or “I fear abandonment”. As you get older, your unconscious mind will continue to recreate the same circumstances and events in an effort to heal the original trauma without conscious awareness of why these patterns exist. You end up choosing situations that do not serve you and you wonder why you are attracting the same circumstances. 


So once we’ve formed a belief, we tend to look for more evidence to support it and to subconsciously ignore any evidence that we could be wrong. After years and years of this, we end up with pretty well cemented beliefs that can be quite tough to get rid of.

It is important to know that not everyone will create the same beliefs from similar circumstances. Everyone digests and interprets events differently. 


As a Root Cause Therapist, I work with the unconscious mind and higher self to help you find and resolve trapped emotions and limiting beliefs, helping you break the cycle of repeated patterns in your life.


I will meet you wherever you are on your healing journey, and explore with you how the different areas of your life may be impacting your ability to move forward, gently guiding you on healing the root cause so you finally feel more at peace, confident and emotionally in control.

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My mission is to help as many women as I can break from the past so they can uncover who they are and rebuild a life they love.

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